The 8 Best Ski Runs at Schweitzer Mountain (Must Ski!)

best ski runs at schweitzer mountain

Fresh of a fantastic trip to Schweitzer, I’m still finding myself day dreaming about all of Schweitzer Mountain’s best runs.

So whether you’re planning a trip and don’t want to miss the mountain’s must ski trails, or you’re like me just wanting to relive the most amazing runs, here my ranking of the 8 best ski runs at Schweitzer.

Schweitzer Trail Map

If it helps in following along, you can find Schweitzer’s most updated trail maps here.

8. Ridge Run

Ridge Run is of the longest blue groomers on the entire mountain, and a must-include on this list.

For the full experience, make sure to take both Basin Express and Lakeview Triple to the highest point on Schweitzer Mountain. From there, Ridge Run sends you back down in one shot, nearly 2,000 vertical feet.

Pro Tip: Near the top, you can always cut into Headwall to mix it up with some glades.

  • Trail Rating: Blue groomer

7. Zip Down

For what it’s worth, my Schweitzer ski school instructor told me Zip Down was one of his favorite fast blue groomers on the whole mountain.

And he was dead-on!

To get to Zip Down, you unload off the Stella lift, ski along the ridge line, before dropping into one of the most direct fall line groomers on the mountain. Let those skis fly!

  • Trail Rating: Blue groomer

6. G3 (Upper and Lower)

On my recent trip, this run consistently had the best snow of anywhere off the popular Stella lift.

This is also a great run for those wanting to dip their toes into black diamonds. The upper half is short and steep, but it funnels into an open area where skiers can either choose to continue down G3 or veer off into the easier blues like Timber Cruiser and Cathedral Aisle.

  • Trail Rating: Black, sometimes groomed

5. Pend Oreille / Stiles

These two blacks off the Great Escape Quad are so steep they’re often winch-cat groomed, which makes for awesome hot laps on the front of the mountain!

  • Trail Rating: Black, sometimes groomed

4. Little Blue Ridge Run

Little blue Ridge Run sits on the northernmost border of Schweitzer’s Outback Bowl. To get there, you’ll have to ski down the North Ridge and then take the T-Bar back up.

At 1.5 miles long, this is probably the best and longest groomer on the mountain. (Technically, Gypsy is the mountain’s longest at about 2 miles, but much of that feels like cattracks.)

Sure, it’s not exactly lappable thanks to its far out location, but that just adds to the sense of adventure, and helps preserve that quality northern snow!

  • Trail Rating: Blue groomer

3. Glade-iator

Not only is this possibly the best named ski run ever, but true to that name, these are some of the best trees ever! Perfectly spaced and nicely pitched – this run off Stella is pure tree-skiing bliss!

  • Trail Rating: Black trees

2. Lakeside Chutes

These double blacks are wide open bowls at their finest!

They are consistently steep, and for those ready to shred the gnar, you’re even given multiple chutes and plenty of options for jumps and air.

On powder days, the Lakeside Chutes to turn into a playground for the mountain’s best skiers to show off for the Colburn Triple chairlift riders.

  • Trail Rating: Double black, ungroomed

1. Kaniksu (Upper, Lower, and Trees)

Technically, this is three different trails. But in reality, they all ski together in a “choose-your-own adventure” style run.

Upper Kaniksu starts at the top of the Colburn Triple Chair. It’s a big, wide, and relatively steep bowl that preserves great snow, since it’s only accessible off the triple and not really the most lapable. (From what I gather, this is many advanced local’s favorite spot when the snow is good!)

From there, Kaniksu turns in a steady blue groomer underneath the Cedar Park Express lift. You can either run the groomer all the way down (some fun moguls occasionally develop near the bottom) or cut off into the Kaniksu Trees – those nicely gladed trees right underneath the liftline. (I know you were eyeing them from above!)

  • Trail Rating: Varies.