About SlopeLab

SlopeLab is a passion project started by me, an all-too average skier who enjoys researching ski trips far more than any sane human ever should.

My goal with this site is to make all that ski resort info available to you, for free.

Unlike a lot of websites, which use bought-and-paid-for ranking systems that make no sense at all, I hope that by taking a scientific approach to ski resort rankings, I can help you find your perfect ski vacation! (Or at least keep you mildly entertained with my trip reports…)

My rankings also focus on the intermediate to advanced skier. Unlike other ranking systems, which overemphasize death-defying terrain that the vast majority of visitors will never even consider touching, I like to think my system is better for majority of skiers.

This site is still very much a work in progress. I’ll continue to add content and rankings as I travel the world, skiing as many mountains as possible in the process.

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About the Author

Sean AKA The Slope Scientist

Sean first learned to ski after graduating college and moving to Denver, Colorado. He immediately became hooked, and soon found himself spending every weekend in the Colorado mountains. These days, he’s a solid black to occasional double black skier, and is willing to ski just about anything that doesn’t include cliffs, chutes, or a fall with life altering consequences.

He now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And while he could let the lengthy distance from the nearest mountain get him down, he’s instead using his lack of a local hill as a fantastic excuse to travel to as many ski resorts as humanly possible, all while documenting his adventures on SlopeLab.com.

  • Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced
  • Favorite Mountain: Steamboat
  • Favorite Run Overall: Longshot at Snowmass
  • Favorite Bowl: Liberty Bowl at Big Sky
  • Favorite Tree Run: Shadows at Steamboat
  • Favorite Groomer: Peak to Creek at Whistler
  • Favorite Off-Piste Terrain: The Hobacks at Jackson Hole
  • Go-to Equipment: Salomon X-Max 100 Ski Boots with Atomic Vantage 85 skis, because he’s just not good enough to properly ski his Atomic Vantage 85 Tis yet…

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